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Mold Removal to Protect your Dogs

Dogs and Mold Removal


As a parent, you do everything within your power to protect your children from harm. You make sure your home is a safe place for your children to grow up and be happy. For some parents, their children include their dogs, which means keeping your home safe for your canine as well. That means keeping “human” food off the floor, taking them for plenty of walks, and taking them to the vet annually. Parents of both children and dogs alike will try to think of everything and anything to keep their loved ones safe, but have they ever considered the harmful effect mold may have on their dogs?


While it is a known fact that some mold spores can cause allergies in humans, and can even be harmful to humans, many people don’t realize the damage mold spores can have on pets. Some molds, like with humans, aren’t harmful to dogs after exposure. But others can become quite toxic for pets and should be removed immediately. Like with humans, dogs should be kept away from black mold. While black mold is rare in well kept homes, exposure can cause problems with a dog’s lungs and sinuses. Another harmful mold, pythiosis, can be extremely harmful to dogs after exposure.


Pythiosis is known as the water mold and is a parasitic spore that enters a dog through the skin, throat, or nose. Once the spores have been inhaled or swallowed, it can infect the dog’s sinuses, skin, gastrointestinal system, brain, and lungs. Common symptoms of a dog that has been in contact with pythiosis include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal Pain


If you believe your dog has been exposed to any harmful mold, seek a veterinarians care immediately. The best way to protect your dog from harmful mold is to call Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems as soon as mold is suspected or spotted. At Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems, we specialize in the removal, remediation, analysis, and inspection of mold in Maryland homes.


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Mold Shouldn’t Destroy your Real Estate Transaction


Real Estate mold removalAfter months and months of searching, you think you have finally found the one. You stand in front of what you hope is your new home. Finding a home that suits your needs can be difficult, especially in the tight real estate economy, so when you find the one you love, you don’t want it to slip through your fingers. You walk up the front steps and begin to imagine the memories you will build with your family in this house. You begin to tour the house and continue to fall in love. With each room you walk through, you grow more attached to the home; you even start to picture how the rooms will look after you hang decorations. Then you reach the basement and you feel a pit begin to form in your stomach. The basement smells musty and you turn to see signs of mold forming in one of the corners of the basement. You rush back upstairs and begin to panic. Your dream home is tainted; how are you supposed to buy a home that has mold in it? You tell your real estate agent no and turn your back from your dream home.


This scenario can be easily avoided when dealing with real estate. If you find that your dream home has mold inside, don’t be quick to change your mind. Call the professionals at Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems. We have become a leading name in the mold removal industry throughout the state of Maryland. Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems has partnered with several reputable real estate agencies throughout the state to handle mold removal and remediation when buying and selling homes. Some real estate agencies that we partner with include:


  • Long and Foster
  • Prudential
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Remax


Along with mold removal and remediation, we also offer mold analysis services that allows us to determine if the mold found is dangerous or not. Most often, mold found within homes doesn’t pose a serious threat to human health. Don’t let mold scare you away from your dream home.


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Mold Spotlight: Cladosporium

Not all molds are created equal: Some varieties of mold fall into the extremely hazardous and toxic category, while others are relatively innocuous. And some, like the pathogenic fungi cladosporium, fall somewhere in between those two extremes. Your mold removal experts from Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems are here to help and to tell you what you should know about cladosporium.

Like any variety of mold, cladosporium does best in outdoor environments with plenty of organic material on which to grow. Indoors, however, it can find a home on damp surfaces or in the air if there is sufficient humidity. A mold inspection performed by professionals can determine whether or not you have a growth of cladosporium in your Baltimore home. They can test the mold sample to see whether or not it is cladosporium or another variety of mold, and they can remove the mold safely without causing any damage to your home.

Cladosporium is not often linked to diseases or illnesses in humans; more toxic molds are responsible for things like that. However, it can still have a negative impact on your health if left alone in your home. Cladosporium spores can infect your skin, eyes, sinuses, and even your brain in some cases. Among its more mild effects are an influence over allergies and asthma; if you suffer from either one, cladosporium exposure could exacerbate your symptoms.

Though cladosporium has been associated with fungal meningitis as one of its pathogens, it is not typically harmful to humans. Nevertheless, mold removal is always the key to keeping a clean, healthy, and happy home. In order to determine whether or not you need to have a growth of cladosporium removed from any room in your home, you should first and foremost schedule a mold inspection so that you can identify the mold species you have discovered. Mold removal professionals from Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems will work to ensure that you and your family are kept safe from harmful mold growths in your Baltimore home.

Mold inspections in Baltimore

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