Preventing and Removing Mold this Summer

Summer Mold RemovalDuring the next upcoming months, summer will be arriving. With summer comes the heat and humidity that most Marylander’s have come accustomed to. As the heat and humidity reach their peak during these upcoming months, so will allergies to mold. Mold allergies can reach their worst during summer season and can result in yearlong colds. If you have a suspicion that mold is in your home, call Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems.

At Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems, we specialize in the removal and prevention of mold within your Maryland home, especially during the summer months. If you begin to develop symptoms of asthma, irritation of the skin or eyes, colds, or respiratory disease, it is time to have one of our trained professionals come assess your home. At Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems, we offer the following services:

  1. Free Mold Analysis
  2. Mold Inspections
  3. Mold Removal
  4. Mold Remediation

A mold inspection can be done to determine if mold is present within the home. This includes investigating visually the attic, roof, and crawlspace of the home as well as any signs of discoloration and moisture intrusion. Air sampling is used to see if mold spores contaminate the area.  If mold is determined to be present in your home, our professionals will come back to remove all affected areas. Your home will be under warranty and we promise that mold will not reenter your home once it has been removed.

If you wish to prevent mold from invading your home during the summer, here are some tips:

  1. Fix any plumbing that’s leaking
  2. Use dehumidifiers and air conditioning to battle the summer humidity
  3. Use insulation to prevent condensation on floors, roofs, piping, and windows
  4. Ventilate your home during the cool evening hours, and keep windows closed during the day
  5. Keep air circulating with fans


Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems uses only the safest and most effective methods to remove mold from your home and to ensure it stays away. Beginning in the 1970’s, we have grown and evolved our methods that make us the leader in mold removal in the area. For a full list of the areas in which we service, click here.

We have two offices located in Westminster and Hanover, Maryland that you can visit to begin the mold removal process. Call us at (443)-687-7300 or fill out our online form here, we respond to requests within 24 hours.  Follow us on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook today.