Removing Mold Around Your Windows

Certain areas in your home are more susceptible to mold than others. Your windows, for example, are often exposed to rain and humidity, which create the perfect environment for mold growth. So how exactly does mold grow around your windows, and how do you remove it? Your Baltimore mold inspection experts from Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems are here to tell you.

mold windowsWhere mold grows on your windows depends on which component of the window you are talking about. Mold cannot grow on inorganic matter, so the actual glass surface of your windowpane is generally safe. However, the wooden windowsills and the frame are at risk of mold growth. The inorganic components of the window, including the glass and the tracks (often made of aluminum) can be the site of mold growth if dust is allowed to gather on them; the organic matter in the dust then becomes the surface the mold grows on.

You can reduce the chances of mold growing around your windows by trying to control the amount of humidity in your home as best as you can. A dehumidifier and an effective ventilation system can go a long way in keeping the air in your home dry, which in turn will cut down on the chances of mold growth.

Keeping your windows clean, both inside and out, is the best way to ensure that mold does not grow on them. But you cannot completely guarantee that mold will not grow on your windows; the dampness and condensation that collects there provides an ideal home for mold and mildew. If you find that mold has begun to develop around your windows, mold removal is the key to preserving you and your family’s health. Many kinds of mold are toxic, and mold in general can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems when the spores are inhaled.

Schedule a regular mold inspection for your home so that mold that grows in tough-to-see spots, such as around your windows, can be identified and safely removed by a professional. In order to keep you and your family healthy, mold removal is an essential step to take. Call Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems today for more information.

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