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Mold Spotlight: Aspergillus

There are several varieties of mold that can develop inside your home, with some being more harmful than others. Today, we are focusing on one of the most common mold types: aspergillus. Though generally people can inhale aspergillus spores without any issues arising, it is still vital to remove growths of aspergillus from your home. If you think you might have a growth of aspergillus in your home, call your mold remediation experts from Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems today.

Aspergillus fungus can grow both indoors and outdoors; it does not require highly specialized circumstances in which to thrive. Though it is not considered a toxic form of mold, it can still cause health problems in certain types of situations. A healthy person can inhale aspergillus spores and not have it affect them; a person with a compromised immune system or a lung disease could be affected by breathing in the fungus. The resulting illness is known as aspergillosis.

What is aspergillosis?

Aspergillosis can manifest in several different ways. The most common symptoms of the disease include allergic reactions, coughing, and wheezing- this is the sign of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis.  A more severe form of aspergillosis is the invasive variety, which can lead to infections and tissue damage throughout the body. Not only can invasive aspergillosis infect the lungs, but it can also infect other organs if not treated. Aspergillosis is treated with an antifungal medicine.

In order to prevent aspergillosis, there are several steps you can take. You should attempt to avoid exposure to dust and dirt as much as possible and if you must be around them, wear a mask. You can also use an air filter in your home to remove aspergillus spores from the air. However, if a mold growth has already begun in your home, call and schedule a mold inspection to determine whether or not you are dealing with aspergillus. The best method of prevention is to have a professional mold remediation specialist come in and safely remove the mold growth and clean the area so that your air quality stays clean and you and your family are kept safe from mold-related diseases.

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