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Mold in your Air Vents and Ducts


Air vents and ducts

Finding mold in your home can be easy for the most part. Mold can be found in plain sight very often, making detection easy. There are times, however, when mold can develop out of your range of sight, almost hidden. When mold develops in your home’s air vents and ducts, detection will come late. Until a strong odor develops from the mold and mildew or the mold spreads out into plain sight, you will be unaware at the mold development occurring.


There are two common causes of mold and mildew in a HVAC system in a home. One reason is the development of condensation on and in the system. If your air conditioning system is cold while the surrounding air is humid, water can develop within the vents and ducts without you knowing. The cool, dark area is a perfect place for mold to develop and spread. Another cause of mold development in your HVAC system is the buildup of organic materials. When dust gets trapped in your ducts and vents, it carries food to the mold. Dust is made of plenty organic material, like pollen and even dead cells from skin, which provides food for growing mold pores.


Once you see the mold developing, or you smell the mildew or mold, its best to leave your HVAC system off to prevent the spread of spores throughout your home. If you suspect mold growth, check the following components of your system:

  • Drip pans
  • Intake vents
  • Cooling coils
  • Air ducts


When mold develops in your air vents and ducts, call the professionals at Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems. Our professionals are trained in the removal, remediation, analysis, and inspection of mold in your home. We not only remove mold from your home, we prevent mold growth in the future.


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Mold In HVAC System

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