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Mold Shouldn’t Destroy your Real Estate Transaction


Real Estate mold removalAfter months and months of searching, you think you have finally found the one. You stand in front of what you hope is your new home. Finding a home that suits your needs can be difficult, especially in the tight real estate economy, so when you find the one you love, you don’t want it to slip through your fingers. You walk up the front steps and begin to imagine the memories you will build with your family in this house. You begin to tour the house and continue to fall in love. With each room you walk through, you grow more attached to the home; you even start to picture how the rooms will look after you hang decorations. Then you reach the basement and you feel a pit begin to form in your stomach. The basement smells musty and you turn to see signs of mold forming in one of the corners of the basement. You rush back upstairs and begin to panic. Your dream home is tainted; how are you supposed to buy a home that has mold in it? You tell your real estate agent no and turn your back from your dream home.


This scenario can be easily avoided when dealing with real estate. If you find that your dream home has mold inside, don’t be quick to change your mind. Call the professionals at Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems. We have become a leading name in the mold removal industry throughout the state of Maryland. Chesapeake Environmental Cleaning Systems has partnered with several reputable real estate agencies throughout the state to handle mold removal and remediation when buying and selling homes. Some real estate agencies that we partner with include:


  • Long and Foster
  • Prudential
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Remax


Along with mold removal and remediation, we also offer mold analysis services that allows us to determine if the mold found is dangerous or not. Most often, mold found within homes doesn’t pose a serious threat to human health. Don’t let mold scare you away from your dream home.


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